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FIJN RC, COLLIER MP, LUBBE SK, PLATTEEUW M & DUIJNS Sj (2021) Tracking Eurasian Curlew Numenius arquata with GPS-loggers to assess the risk of offshore wind turbines. LIMOSA 94 (1): 77-82.

During their seasonal migrations Eurasian Curlews fly between the United Kingdom and the Wadden Sea and the southwestern Delta of the Netherlands. There is evidence that Eurasian Curlews migrate over sea between the Wadden Sea and Scandinavia. At present, little is known about the flight behaviour and these migration routes over sea, but since there are plans to increase the number of offshore wind turbines, there is an urgent need for knowledge on species that may be affected by these offshore wind farms. Here we collated some results of other studies that have tracked Eurasian Curlews. We aim to tag more birds in the future, to map the flight routes and flight behaviour, such as altitude, speed and timing, of a larger sample of Eurasian Curlews crossing the North Sea. In combination with ongoing research we ultimately aim to improve collision estimates with (future) offshore wind farms.

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limosa 94.1 2021
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